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Problems for PLC users
Many customers have to share a single PLC access point
The achievable bandwidth and download rate is significantly lower than customers expect. PLC can create broadband noise alongside broadband internet access.
Since all users share the same physical access, data sniffing can be done and security is a problem. PLC is more like a wireless LAN in terms of security, since it makes use of radio frequency.
RF energy is always present, not only along the wire that is currently in use, but also in all sleepingrooms and even at all neighbours.
PLC could cause malfunctions of your electrical equipment, such as battery chargers, audio-video systems, etc.
To receive telecommunication services and energy from the same company will create a dangerous new monopoly.
If PLC causes interference to important radio services, the user might be held responsible for the damage.
If PLC field trials are not successful, all cost might be charged to the electricity bill as „stranded cost“.




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